The Companies Making Billions Off The Opioid Epidemic Want You To Know They Are (Really) Sorrry (Really)

“While our intent was not to fuel the epidemic, we failed to recognize the broader context of what was going on in society around us,” said Bob Sternfels, who assumed his role as global managing partner leading the 38,000-employee firm in July 2021. “That’s why we have new protocols and policies in place to prevent […]

Trial Story: Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

“Your Honor, I distinctly heard someone at Mr. Thompson’s table say the word “cheeses”.” I thought I’d mumbled it under my breath. Apparently not. It was a bench trial and there was no jury so things had gotten a little loose after a day or two of everyone getting comfortable with one another. Maybe too […]

“If you follow the natural intentions, you get the most success out of life.”

So says RZA, a force behind the influential Wu-Tang Clan, composer of soundtracks, and film director. Fascinated with eastern philosophies, his quote encourages the pursuit of curiosities and passions in order to achieve true success and meaning in one’s life.

Florida Tenet officials say that the systems “are coming back and patient worries are preposterous.”

The link to the story from Palm Beach County is here: Patients express concern over Tenet Health’s potential malpractice Rather than trying to sum it up, allow me to let the story speak for itself. It is one more example of how patients are treated as simple objects or vehicles for the health system to […]

No Trust, No Health

New studies yield data confirming black skepticism of healthcare services quality. Lack of trust is based upon experience. According to a new report, the majority of black adults have had at least one negative experience with a healthcare provider. But young black women are particularly likely to report a harmful interaction during routine health care. […]

Earth Day and Shadow Docket Shenanigans

The story on the case of Louisiana v. American Rivers in the Environmental Law Institute is here: Justice Thomas and Shadow Docket Abuse By nonetheless granting relief, the Court goes astray. It provides a stay pending appeal, and thus signals its view of the merits, even though the applicants have failed to make the irreparable […]

I Only Want To Be With You (Hall v. Wilmington Health)

A North Carolina appellate court recently ruled that civil litigants need counsel physically present when they are deposed. This wholesale ban on personal attendance of Defendant’s counsel at depositions of its own employees and witnesses presented the constitutional issue Defendant asserts in this appeal and was not supported by existing law, emergency orders, or evidence. […]

If You Can, Always Stay On Library Way

As a lifelong and committed nerd with five decades under my belt, I don’t know how I avoided staying on Library Way all this time. The sidewalks speak to you with messages left on pages of your favorite books. In one direction, the New York Public library is filled with American treasures. In the other, […]

The Embedded Appeal

And sometimes the critical need to focus on persuasion can understandably affect a trial lawyer’s focus on sometimes mundane legal issues. Behind every good trial strategy lies a series of arguments, objections and rulings that could – theoretically – set a case up for appeal regardless of the verdict. I know this better than most, […]