Our Constitutional Right to Counsel Protects Individual Rights

The right of every person to counsel and a jury trial protects us from the over-reach of powerful government and private interests. Yahoo News provides an important reminder. American Founders Knew: Right to Counsel Is Fundamental The right to counsel is a core American principle pre-dating the establishment of American jurisprudence. Our founding fathers experienced […]

Grandma used to say, “Keep your nose to it …”

I’m reading Citizen Cash by Michael Stewart Foley. The book tells the story of Johnny Cash’s misunderstood politics of empathy. In today’s divisive politics, Republicans and Democrats both claim him as their own. Conservatives view him as a traditional patriot and Liberals view him as a champion of the downtrodden. But the author suggests the […]

Leviathan: “… if they refuse to hear proof, refuse to do justice.”

For all judges, sovereign and subordinate, if they refuse to hear proof, refuse to do justice: for though the sentence be just, yet the Judges that condemn without hearing the proofs offered are unjust judges and their presumption is but prejudice…In like manner, in ordinary trials of right, twelve men of the common people are […]

An Historian’s Thoughts on The Founders and The Second Amendment

The sentence is weak. The weakness is deliberate. Madison couldn’t afford, on the one hand, to let the amendment seem to contradict the hard-won federal military power in the Constitution’s main body. He couldn’t afford, on the other hand, to underscore too strongly for the states’ comfort the overwhelming nature of that federal power. The […]