Overdose (No. 2)

In my last Weekly Blog, I reviewed an Accreditation Decision Report I secured from internal Hospital and JCAHO investigations of a fatal overdose. These reports are usually confidential and contain information not available in other sources. That kind of sensitive information is rarely available but can be critical to a successful outcome in medical malpractice […]

May 30, 2017

Medical Loss Ratios (MLR’s) are designed to lower healthcare costs. Here is how they work. In a recent Federal Court ruling, a Court found that physician settlement payments may be included in the MLR for the carrier. CMS Page on Medical Loss Rule (MLR)


On April 4, 1997, Charles Blair wrote a letter for the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Hospitals Organization (JCAHO) to a Hospital Administrator. The JCAHO letter describes a “sentinel event” that occurred in March, during which a patient died in the Hospital Recovery Room from an overdose of concentrated medicine given by her healthcare providers […]