Does your doctor have a disciplinary record? What if he or she does?

As reported here, medical error is the leading cause of death in the United States according to a 2016 Study by Johns Hopkins University. But only 1% of physicians account for more than one third of all malpractice claims that are paid out, a 2019 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found. The link to […]

The Companies Making Billions Off The Opioid Epidemic Want You To Know They Are (Really) Sorrry (Really)

“While our intent was not to fuel the epidemic, we failed to recognize the broader context of what was going on in society around us,” said Bob Sternfels, who assumed his role as global managing partner leading the 38,000-employee firm in July 2021. “That’s why we have new protocols and policies in place to prevent […]

Hospital Medication Errors Can Be Fatal (And Concealed)

The patient was supposed to get Versed, a sedative intended to calm her before being scanned in a large, MRI-like machine. But Vaught accidentally grabbed vecuronium, a powerful paralyzer, which stopped the patient’s breathing and left her brain-dead before the error was discovered. That was in a prestigious Tennessee hospital. The link is here. I had […]

Mizrahi May Be Dead In Florida (why that is great for families of medical malpractice victims)

For decades, families of medical malpractice victims in Florida have suffered without a remedy under an unfair law that treats them differently from other grieving families. Florida’s wrongful death act exempts negligent health care providers from righteous claims that would exist if anyone else caused their parent’s death. The pain they experience is no different […]

Gimme Back My Bullets (The Beginning of the End for Gun Manufacturer Immunity?)

Maybe the worst example of special protections purchased by wealth and power is the National Rifle Association’s death grip on the national legislature over the last few decades: blocking any meaningful regulation of sales and passing federal legislation granting certain immunities from civil suit. Perhaps the timing is a coincidence, but as the NRA’s power, […]

Swamp Music

My first year practicing law was the year Florida started limiting the rights of medical malpractice victims. “Tort reform” started in 1988 with Florida’s pre-suit screening rules, making it more difficult to hold hospitals and health care providers responsible for the catastrophic costs of malpractice. Not satisfied with these protections, Florida’s legislature later added changes […]

I’ve been giving the same advice about autopsies for twenty-five years …

From The National Law Review’s conclusion: Ultimately, the family of the patient must make this tough decision. Many people have religious and moral views about autopsies and choose not to have them performed. Further, many people tell their family that they do not want an autopsy in the event of their death and family members […]

Florida’s Wrongful Death Law Is Wrong

Florida bars any wrongful death claims for victims of medical malpractice where other families with different types of wrongful death claims are allowed to proceed. I have been fighting against this cruel law for most of my career. While the legislature dithers around with bills proposed to remedy this inequity (powerful insurance and health care […]

Vaping Is Unregulated: Do Your Homework.

Finally, we outline possible clinical disorders associated with vaping on pulmonary health and the recent escalation of acute lung injuries, which led to the declaration of the vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI) outbreak. It is clear there is much about vaping that is not understood. Consequently, until more is known about the health effects […]