No Trust, No Health

New studies yield data confirming black skepticism of healthcare services quality. Lack of trust is based upon experience. According to a new report, the majority of black adults have had at least one negative experience with a healthcare provider. But young black women are particularly likely to report a harmful interaction during routine health care. […]

“Two neurologists argue that calling T.I.A.s what they are — minor strokes — could prompt patients to seek the help they need more quickly.”

When medicine’s standard of care slowly begins to catch up with how trial lawyers talk when they have seen enough misdiagnosed stroke cases. Link (warning, paywall) is here: New York Times: Give Patients Better Information About TIA’s.

US Childbirth Safety Statistics Could (and should) Be Better

Trial lawyers focus heavily, and rightly, on fetal mortality rates. Birth-related injuries, injuries inflicted prior to birth, perinatal injuries and deaths among infants (whether SIDS, crib or otherwise) should be intolerable. What we sometimes lose sight of is the other side of that blessed event – the Mother. And on that score, studies are confirming […]

COVID Misinformation As Medical Malpractice

COVID Misinformation From Your Doctor is Malpractice (Not An Opinion) But a vocal minority of doctors are undermining this relationship and taking advantage of the public’s trust by intentionally spreading Covid misinformation and disinformation. From making false claims about vaccines to offering to sign medically unnecessary mask exemptions in exchange for payment, these “disinformation doctors” are […]

Vaping Is Unregulated: Do Your Homework.

Finally, we outline possible clinical disorders associated with vaping on pulmonary health and the recent escalation of acute lung injuries, which led to the declaration of the vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI) outbreak. It is clear there is much about vaping that is not understood. Consequently, until more is known about the health effects […]


Trial lawyers are in the business of solving complex, intractable problems. Our job is to explore ways to fashion a remedy that meaningfully addresses severe harm or injury. A remedy sets things right: puts things back together as best we can where things break. In medical parlance, a remedy is a balm or salve that […]