March 30, 2017

Last night, I attended the Town Hall meeting at Dunbar High School on the years-long investigation into the Fort Myers Police Department conducted by the Freeh Group (run by Judge Louis Freeh, ex-FBI Director, who also conducted the Penn State investigation). The findings are sobering and the community reasonably concerned about follow-through on holding elected […]

ACA Survives As Florida Legislature Debates Abolishing PIP

Last week, Congress failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act or to replace it with a bill that would have upended Americans’ access to healthcare for the second time in the last few years. As noted on this blog, the American healthcare system has been in a never-ending state of upheaval for generations. Political “fixes” […]

Signorelli v. Firemans Fund

Another consumer victory we championed in the appellate courts. Insurance companies often claim that everything they do on a particular claim is privileged and secret because it is their “work product” prepared in anticipation of litigation. That is not always true and we successfully appealed the issue in Signorelli v. Fireman’s Fund. In that case, […]

March 14, 2017

Twenty four million Americans will lose insurance within the next two years and premiums will explode if the ACA is repealed and replaced as planned. Cost of Obamacare Repeal You can read the CBO Report here. CBO Report on ACA Repeal