Lee Hospital Patients Are Being Evacuated

Lee Health is evacuating up to 400 patients to hospitals in Collier County because of water pressure losses at two of its campuses. More patients will be transferred in the coming days as beds are found, said Dr. Larry Antonucci, president and chief executive officer of Lee Health. When Lee Health says “campuses” they mean […]

The Loss Or Disruption Of Senses

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.  Ernest Hemingway Five years ago, I wrote a post about the disorientation caused by the loss of listening and hearing as part of a series on the importance of our five senses. You can find it here. There’s […]

Patient-Care Satisfaction Centered Modeling? Really?

When I represented hospitals, my boss used to stress bedside manner as the most effective risk management. It’s been forty years and the industry is still trying to figure out a way to make that stick. Healthcare is fully embracing the concept of consumerism, and with that comes the need for consumer and patient satisfaction—and […]

“By the time Jeremy came back with help, I had delivered the baby by myself with no one else in the room. All alone.”

Ever felt alone in a crowd? How about alone in a crowded emergency room surrounded by professionals who could help but choose to ignore you? These things happen. Here is the link: ‘I delivered my baby scared and alone.’: Mom raises awareness about hospital malpractice after traumatic birth

Heavy Horses

Watching the pomp and circumstance surrounding Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral provoked conflicting emotions. On the one hand, the monarchy is ridiculous and offensive to American notions of freedom. I watch the story of the UK hiring out King Charles 3’s ironing of his shoelaces and putting of the toothpaste on his brush with horror. Hence, […]

QB Sues NFL Team For Pre-Game Pain Injection That Collapsed His Lung

When this happened, I started calculating the missed game checks in my head. Now, the case is set for trial. Here’s the link: Tyrod Taylor sues Chargers team doctor for medical malpractice stemming from punctured lung suffered in 2020