One of my favorite films about trial lawyering is The Verdict (1982), starring Paul Newman and directed by Sidney Lumet.  David Mamet adapted the screenplay from a 1980 novel by Barry Reed. Newman plays Frank Galvin, a lawyer holding on tightly to a medical malpractice claim near the end of his career. He is strung […]

Opioid Use Disorder (OUD): Big Pharma and Medicine Made Off Like Bandits but what is the Human Cost?

Prison Time for Virginia Doctor Abusing Prescription Privileges  A former Virginia doctor has been sentenced to three years in prison for writing prescriptions that mixed powerful painkillers into narcotic cocktails that killed at least four of her patients, officials said, I am working on cases involving opioid use disorder (OUD) and the misdiagnosis and treatment […]

Dare To Be Naive

Buckminster Fuller said it and as you may suspect he didn’t tolerate ‘know-it-alls’. With thirty books to his credit, he maintained an insatiable intellectual curiosity throughout his life. When I start investigating a case, all I have to go on is my client’s story and the written record. In my experience, the client’s story is […]

So Now We Have Book Burners (Again)

Book burning is all the rage again on the right. We’ve been here many times before. I try to keep my position consistent: censorship in the name of political or moral correctness (however you individually perceive it) is a mistake. As he stood before the small group of (almost entirely male) students at his alma […]