Personal Responsibility (Justice Tonight)

The American justice system’s bedrock is accountability, enforced by citizen juries guaranteed by the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution. Every day, individuals in American courtrooms are held responsible (or not) for their actions – in criminal and civil courts. The day any one person – or group of people – are considered immune from this […]

Any Colour You Like

Weeks ago, the frozen ground disappeared under accumulating sheets of ice and snow. Gelid winds are shaking the naked black arms of trees and driving fresh alabaster dust into the world. The sky is low, gray, dense, and threatening. Days like this are made for looping electronic samples and Thom Yorke’s forlorn wail, backed by […]

Thunder Road (Institutions Change and Sometimes They Fall)

The report found that many firms believe the remote environment has damaged personal relationships at work and the sense of belonging amongst many lawyers. “This is playing out in the ease with which lawyers—from partners to associates—have moved firms during the pandemic, often with little inkling of their impending departure,” it stated. Report On 2022 […]