Everyone Just Needs To Calm Right Down

The Ohio Supreme Court on Wednesday suspended a criminal defense attorney for one year, with six months stayed, over the attorney filling a Pringles can with his own feces and throwing it in the parking lot of a victim advocacy center just before meeting with the center’s staff in court about a murder case. Jack […]

Pitards and Hoisting Come to Mind

Insurance companies often use service deadlines to avoid responsibility when plaintiffs have trouble with service of process. I don’t remember seeing an insurance company’s lawyers have the same problem. An insurance company that wanted to avoid defending a company that inspected and certified an amusement park drop tower ride that fatally ejected a 14-year-old boy […]

Florida Homeowner Insurance Claims Hoops That You May Have To Jump Through

But not this notice to DFS if your policy was issued before the date of this statute. The Sixth District Court of Appeal on Wednesday reversed a Collier County Circuit Court judge’s order granting Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Co.’s motion to dismiss a suit brought by its policyholder Rebecca Hughes, and remanded the case for […]

United Health Is Using AI to Deny Insurance Claims

Insurance carriers have already begun using artificial intelligence to deny health insurance claims. A new lawsuit in Minnesota identifies United Health as using algorithms to deny the health insurance claims of elderly and disabled insureds, When claims are denied, necessary treatment is delayed – increasing the likelihood of serious injuries and death. The lawsuit, filed […]

A major victory for Maya’s family, their lawyers, and patients everywhere. I cannot overstate how impressive this work is under difficult circumstances.

A Florida jury tacked on $50 million in punitive damages to a roughly $211 million award to the family of Maya Kowalski, the child at the center of the Netflix documentary “Take Care of Maya,” against Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital for mistreating Maya to the point that her mother took her own life. Read […]

Juror Questions

When I was a young lawyer, jurors were not routinely allowed to ask their own questions of witnesses. When the jury instructions and other trial rules were modified to make this a regular feature of trials, most of us came to believe that juror questions were an important and useful change to the way trials […]

The Standard Is The Standard

My favorite football coach is famous for his mantra: “The standard is the standard”. In court, however, proving negligence often depends upon establishing a “standard of care” that may be vague. In medical malpractice cases, expert witnesses often testify to a national minimum standard 0f care that applies in all communities. In this interesting Florida […]