June 27, 2018

As we close our successful Radiology Regional data breach class action, we note that the problem continues. Call us if you are a victim of data breach and identity theft of your sensitive patient information. MD Anderson’s $4.4M HIPPA violation JAMA: Ancestry DNA services and the risk of data breach

Stark and Quality Fraud

On my blog, I write a lot about #QualityFraud. What this concept means to me is the inflated cost of medicine and other health care costs passed on to consumers through concealment and deception of the quality of the services we are being provided. Unlike any other industrialized country, our health care sector is opaque […]

City of Motherless Children

“It was like fractured pieces trying to converge — their experience today, my history — being in this place where I had been as a child,” Ina said. I had the good fortune of growing up in South Florida in the seventies, a prehistoric era of AOR radio before the internet – when video games […]