How Cigna Saves Millions by Having Its Doctors Reject Claims Without Reading Them

Like the insured persons in the story below, follow your instincts when it comes to insurance claims you think have been improperly denied. If you suspect something, they probably are improperly denied. The rejection of van Terheyden’s claim was typical for Cigna, one of the country’s largest insurers. The company has built a system that […]

Candy Stripers

A famous critical care doctor once told me that “they want candy stripers delivering medicine.” That choice of the phrase probably dates both of us, but hopefully, it’s not too prehistoric to make the point. He was griping about what he viewed as an institutional assault on physician judgment and prerogatives. Long after that, I […]

Patient-Care Satisfaction Centered Modeling? Really?

When I represented hospitals, my boss used to stress bedside manner as the most effective risk management. It’s been forty years and the industry is still trying to figure out a way to make that stick. Healthcare is fully embracing the concept of consumerism, and with that comes the need for consumer and patient satisfaction—and […]

Ethics in Medicine

Why aren’t medical students trained in ethics the same way law students are? Ethics is required in school and your knowledge of ethics is tested in a stand-alone bar examination before a lawyer can start practicing. Here’s a link to a BMJ article on it. With consent, medical students get to observe most surgical procedures, […]

Every second, an older person in the United States falls and injures themselves, and every 20 minutes one of them dies from the fall.

Here is the link to today’s story. FAU team receives $1 million grant to identify effective fall prevention strategies for older adults Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are governed by special rules. These rules are separate from the normal statutes and rules applied to doctors and hospitals in medical malpractice cases. You can learn […]

Florida Tenet officials say that the systems “are coming back and patient worries are preposterous.”

The link to the story from Palm Beach County is here: Patients express concern over Tenet Health’s potential malpractice Rather than trying to sum it up, allow me to let the story speak for itself. It is one more example of how patients are treated as simple objects or vehicles for the health system to […]

We Are Responsible To Our Elderly: The Greatest Generation

In the end, we all got COVID-19. We were in the first line of fire. But the ones who bore the brunt of the virus were the residents. On April 20, 2020, when I caught it, 63 of the 180 residents at the home had already died. It was total chaos. We were forbidden from referring […]