Happy Day, V.S. Naipaul!

I can give you that historical birds eye view. But I cannot readily explain the mystery of Leonard Side’s inheritance. Most of us know the parents and grandparents we come from. But we go back and back, forever; we go back all of us to the very beginning; in our blood and bone and brain […]

With 350 lawsuits filed, Florida hospital can’t ignore outcry over orthopedist

Hospitals are responsible for adequately supervising the privileges and credentials they grant physicians who practice in their facilities. The nurses complained, and so did a handful of doctors. The patients howled. Yet, for years, administrators at a Florida hospital ignored the repeated alarms, critics say. Now, 350 lawsuits have been filed and 100 more are […]

Joint Tortfeasors

Your lawyer should have the experience to identify all of the potential contributing causes to an injury in order to bring a completely meritorious case against all tortfeasors. Frequently, having all the contributing tortfeasors at the table will result in agreement about shared responsibility – even among the Defendants. This may mean suing a pharmaceutical […]

New OTC Laxative Recalls

Here is a link to my experience with product liability litigation. wdeft Practice Area: Product Liability Product liability applies to over the counter medicines like Tylenol as well as prescribed pharmaceuticals. Here is a story on a recent OTC laxative recall. Vi-Jon issued a recall a few weeks ago for various laxative products, warning that […]

Large Verdicts: The Most Vulnerable Victims Are Most Affected By Caps and Delays

Not surprisingly, the largest verdicts in medical malpractice cases tend to happen in cases with overwhelming medical costs and needs. When trial lawyers tabulate the real cost of these needs, they often use the word “board”. As in, putting the expenses up on the board. Expert witnesses and life care planners are often involved in […]

Prospective Clients Should Ask (But Generally Don’t) What Experience Their Trial Lawyers Have Proving Punitive Damages

Like most things, you need to know about his or her experience with punitives BEFORE you are in a position to ask for them. Now that compensatory damages have been awarded, the Alex Jones damage trial in Texas moves to its punitive phase. Here’s the link. Jury finds Alex Jones caused $4 million in damages […]

Pro Tip For Alex Jones: Be As Prepared As Your Lawyer (or get a better lawyer next time)

Law students across the country used to watch video lectures on evidence by the famous Irving Younger (Harvard). I still remember his hearsay lessons – that made the impossible seem within grasp. The best of the Younger tapes was the series on cross-examination. For a kid who never wanted to be anything but a trial […]