Don’t Be So Easy On Yourself

Trying to sum up our risky business, my Dad used to quote President Nixon: “Failure isn’t falling down. Failure is not getting up after you’ve fallen down.” Jason Isbell put it another way in this song against self-pity. Don’t be so easy on yourself (don’t be so easy on yourself)Don’t be so easy on yourself […]

Song For The Walls

A lawyer is more than a mouthpiece. When it feels that nobody will ever hear you – that your grief and pain are shouted in an empty room, falling upon silent and unmoving walls – a good lawyer will break through and force your message to be heard. H/T Eric Amble for the title.

Six Flags Not Liable For Woman’s Injury Fleeing From Clown

My sister was terrified of a giant clown that loomed over us every time we drove past a certain car dealership on Sunrise Boulevard. “Six Flags cannot take the fright out of Fright Fest, just as baseball teams cannot remove their bats and balls without fundamentally changing the game,” the opinion reads. Read more at: […]

Chest Fever

And as my mind unweaves, I feel the freeze down on my knees. Chest Fever was Garth Hudson’s moment to shine in The Band’s live performances. He was allowed to stretch out on the organ, often introducing the song with a proggy solo they called “The Genetic Method”. Peter Viney called the lyrics “dummy words”, […]

Happy Short Story Month!

Short Story Month is a month dedicated to the short story form. It is celebrated by readers and authors alike: the former set out to read as many short stories as possible, while the latter typically set a goal for how many short stories they’ll write. The overachievers often write a short story per day. […]