Patient-Care Satisfaction Centered Modeling? Really?

When I represented hospitals, my boss used to stress bedside manner as the most effective risk management. It’s been forty years and the industry is still trying to figure out a way to make that stick. Healthcare is fully embracing the concept of consumerism, and with that comes the need for consumer and patient satisfaction—and […]

Every State Has It’s Own Set of Odd, Old Laws

I worked with a critical care doctor at a teaching facility who told me this: “Listen, Thompson, Don’t forget this. They want candy stripers practicing medicine.” That was 1992. He meant that hospital systems were leaning on the nurses to expand their traditional roles to maximize profit. Meanwhile, lawyers are citing cases from a century […]

Peer Review (still) doesn’t work

I’ve been writing about how peer review privilege encourages medical error for years now. But it keeps coming up in the news. It’s almost like nobody in charge listens to trial lawyers. lol. The false premise that secrecy encourages patient safety measures at any level of hospital administration is a myth that should not be […]

Joint Tortfeasors

Your lawyer should have the experience to identify all of the potential contributing causes to an injury in order to bring a completely meritorious case against all tortfeasors. Frequently, having all the contributing tortfeasors at the table will result in agreement about shared responsibility – even among the Defendants. This may mean suing a pharmaceutical […]

New OTC Laxative Recalls

Here is a link to my experience with product liability litigation. wdeft Practice Area: Product Liability Product liability applies to over the counter medicines like Tylenol as well as prescribed pharmaceuticals. Here is a story on a recent OTC laxative recall. Vi-Jon issued a recall a few weeks ago for various laxative products, warning that […]

Experience is Required For Litigating Birth Injuries: Fetal Heart Monitoring

In addition to the Florida legal hurdles I write about on this blog, there is specialized medical knowledge related to birth injuries that only some medical malpractice lawyers possess. One of the required skills that few possess is reading electronic fetal heart monitoring. There’s internal and external. The nurses need to know that you grasp […]

Med Mal Lawyers With Different Pandemic Takeaways

“Even though things were bad,” said Calora, “it doesn’t give people license to practice beneath the standard of care.” A Washington lawyer observes that the pandemic created a free for all in health care where providers were operating willy-nilly in the face of a poorly understood disease. In my own experience, it was the pandemic […]