Fla. Jury Hits Doc With $20M Verdict Over Dilaudid Death

A recent and large Palm Beach County med mal verdict brings to mind the case of Bethany Morris in our office – a little girl scheduled for office surgery to remove a port wine stain from her face. A “dental block” was applied as an anesthetic but the surgeon had no oxygen to help deal […]

Florida’s Wrongful Death Act: Still Being Interpreted After All These Years

There have been a lot of tweaks in the Wrongful Death Act over the years that prompt appeals and opinions clarifying how wrongful death claims may be brought. For instance, I have litigated cases concerning who qualifies as a survivor under Florida’s Wrongful Death Act. I have also litigated changes in the law that allowed […]

How Juries Tend To Perceive Corporations

Jury Selection inevitably raises interesting social issues that can affect the outcome of your case. The article linked below reveals a relevant issue when a large corporation is a party. To those involved in corporate litigation, the public’s shifting views toward company loyalty and the employer-employee relationship beg the question: How might experiences and attitudes […]

Improper Client Solicitation Is In The News Again

Reward lawyers who do it the right way. Ignore the scammers. “The training manual literally teaches employees how to commit barratry by gaining the trust of vulnerable potential clients to sell them legal services,” the complaint said. Read more at: https://www.law360.com/personal-injury-medical-malpractice/articles/1692386?nl_pk=029cff45-637f-44e3-babf-75563f8e0bfd&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=personal-injury-medical-malpractice&utm_content=2023-06-27&nlsidx=0&nlaidx=9?copied=1

My Dad Called It “Champerty & Barratry”

But I don’t think he was right about the technical definition. Most trial lawyers work on contingency fees and front costs. It is a noble endeavor that serves our clients who cannot afford the significant court battles to address serious injuries. What he meant was improper solicitation of clients. This sort of thing made him […]

Update: Its Hard To Avoid Service Of Process When You’re Live On National TV Every Other Night

This updates an urgent news item I posted about a few days ago. I offered to help, but it appears the process servers figured it out. I had a case once where we had to find a doctor who fled the state and was living in his car in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Compared to that, […]

Things That Make You Go “Hmmmm” …

These are rare cases but I’ve brought the claim of tortious interference with a dead body and had to address the same kind of argument. Celebrity Cruises Says Storing Body In Cooler Not Misconduct Celebrity Cruises urged a Florida federal judge on Friday to toss a suit by the family of a man who died […]


If you have friends in Gloryland Who left because of pain Thank God up there, they’ll die no more They’ll suffer not again Then weep not friends I’m going home Gloryland, Ralph Stanley, and The Clinch Mountain Boys Trial lawyers become experts in the circumstances just before and after the end of life. Some deaths […]