Quiet Work Is Most Consequential

Lawyers’ war stories typically revolve around raucous and sometimes hilarious exaggerations (or not) of tumult and upset: epic fits and crying jags … confusion or hysterical screaming, crying, or babbling … horrifying threats and recriminations. All the better when those are punctuated with an impossibly favorable result for the client. Or maybe that’s just the […]

COVID Misinformation As Medical Malpractice

COVID Misinformation From Your Doctor is Malpractice (Not An Opinion) But a vocal minority of doctors are undermining this relationship and taking advantage of the public’s trust by intentionally spreading Covid misinformation and disinformation. From making false claims about vaccines to offering to sign medically unnecessary mask exemptions in exchange for payment, these “disinformation doctors” are […]

Binding (it’s a noun and an adjective)

You packed your bags and all alone you wanna ride You don’t want nothing, don’t need no one by your side You’re walking tough, baby, but you’re walking blind To the ties that bind Glue and cloth, providing a strong cover that holds pages together. A chemical reaction, solidly joining like compounds. A fastener, combining […]

California has had enough of the caps that protect bad doctors.

Opinion: Raise Old Caps On Medical Malpractice “Tort Reform” swept across the country during the ’80s. Pushed by heavy lobbying and promises of lower premiums from the insurance industry, States made it more and more challenging to pursue remedies against health care providers and obtain total and fair compensation. Most of us in the business […]

Thunder Road (Institutions Change and Sometimes They Fall)

The report found that many firms believe the remote environment has damaged personal relationships at work and the sense of belonging amongst many lawyers. “This is playing out in the ease with which lawyers—from partners to associates—have moved firms during the pandemic, often with little inkling of their impending departure,” it stated. Report On 2022 […]