Why is rehab important?

Rehabilitation is relevant in personal injury litigation in two important ways. First, there are present rehab needs that must be recognized and fulfilled by treating care providers. This requires detailed attention to the physical problem at issue and the patient’s ability to work through those problems. Time and attention are the keys to the treatment […]

Hospital Liability for Independent Contractor: $111M Verdict

Hospitals are typically found responsible for employees like nurses, technicians, and physicians who are directly employed. However, in many jurisdictions, there are remedies that attach liability to the Hospital for other healthcare providers. Developing the factual evidence to pursue extraordinary remedies like this require a lawyer with experience. … a hospital may be held vicariously […]

I Only Want To Be With You (Hall v. Wilmington Health)

A North Carolina appellate court recently ruled that civil litigants need counsel physically present when they are deposed. This wholesale ban on personal attendance of Defendant’s counsel at depositions of its own employees and witnesses presented the constitutional issue Defendant asserts in this appeal and was not supported by existing law, emergency orders, or evidence. […]

Mudlarks United

I watched the American Bar Association’s recommendation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination to the Supreme Court. It all made sense. She’s highly qualified. We can all celebrate that she served as a public defender, tried civil rights cases, and served as a trial judge before being elevated. These are qualities that are historically underrepresented […]

Sentencing in $250M Radiology Fraud Scheme

If you follow the Department of Justice alerts, you know that the Feds recover hundreds of millions of dollars in waste, fraud, and abuse in our health insurance system every year. Why is this considered acceptable? #QualityFraud Ex-CEO of medical imaging companies sentenced to prison in $250 million fraud scheme

Judge on a Hot Mic Catches the Wrath of a Trial Lawyer

‘Can you imagine waking up next to her every day?’ said the Judge about Bill Cosby’s criminal defense lawyer, forgetting that he was being livestreamed. Now, that Judge is facing a complaint. Decorum is a real thing and it runs both ways. If you are a trial lawyer, you’ve danced this dance with a judge. […]

Quiet Work Is Most Consequential

Lawyers’ war stories typically revolve around raucous and sometimes hilarious exaggerations (or not) of tumult and upset: epic fits and crying jags … confusion or hysterical screaming, crying, or babbling … horrifying threats and recriminations. All the better when those are punctuated with an impossibly favorable result for the client. Or maybe that’s just the […]

COVID Misinformation As Medical Malpractice

COVID Misinformation From Your Doctor is Malpractice (Not An Opinion) But a vocal minority of doctors are undermining this relationship and taking advantage of the public’s trust by intentionally spreading Covid misinformation and disinformation. From making false claims about vaccines to offering to sign medically unnecessary mask exemptions in exchange for payment, these “disinformation doctors” are […]