Insurance Coverage Issues and Fighting Through Delay

When insurance carriers and defense lawyers fight among themselves, the victims of negligence and defective products sometimes endure delays. The primary insurer for a Colorado climbing gear company said an excess insurer’s bid to get out of liability for a climber’s injuries should be heard in a Washington state malpractice suit, arguing in a motion […]

A major victory for Maya’s family, their lawyers, and patients everywhere. I cannot overstate how impressive this work is under difficult circumstances.

A Florida jury tacked on $50 million in punitive damages to a roughly $211 million award to the family of Maya Kowalski, the child at the center of the Netflix documentary “Take Care of Maya,” against Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital for mistreating Maya to the point that her mother took her own life. Read […]

I Was Afraid This Would Happen

An overlooked aspect of personal injury claims is the stress associated with the litigation, including opening up discovery to the other side and awkward encounters with treaters who are somewhere on the spectrum between skeptical or suspicious and hostile. Especially in serious cases, where the victim constantly in the care of medical professionals. As I […]

There’s No Course For Fist-Fighting In Law School

Lawyers aren’t supposed to fight each other physically. The system wasn’t designed that way. In fact, it is built as a replacement to combat. A California state judge declared a mistrial Monday in a contentious legal malpractice case over allegations Geragos & Geragos botched a medical malpractice suit, an outcome that a Geragos attorney attributed […]

Six Flags Not Liable For Woman’s Injury Fleeing From Clown

My sister was terrified of a giant clown that loomed over us every time we drove past a certain car dealership on Sunrise Boulevard. “Six Flags cannot take the fright out of Fright Fest, just as baseball teams cannot remove their bats and balls without fundamentally changing the game,” the opinion reads. Read more at: […]

Missouri Hospital Keeps Trial Win In Shaken Baby Case

Duty to warn cases are important but the proof can be tricky. At issue on appeal is a jury instruction stating that jurors were to find in favor of the hospital if they determined that Lane’s then-boyfriend, Ben Andrews, had abused Hollis. Read more at:

Multiple Factors Are Causing An Increase In American Infant Mortality Rates

Between 2019 and 2020, the all-cause mortality rate for ages 1 to 19 years increased by 10.7%, and it increased by an additional 8.3% between 2020 and 2021 Here is the link to the study: JAMA: The New Crisis of Increasing All-Cause Mortality in US Children and Adolescents

We’re Having A Pediatric Care Crisis

Across the country, children have for weeks been slammed with a massive, early wave of viral infections—driven largely by RSV, but also flu, rhinovirus, enterovirus, and SARS-CoV-2. Many emergency departments and intensive-care units are now at or past capacity, and resorting to extreme measures. At Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, in Maryland, staff has pitched a tent outside the emergency department to […]