Juries Can Figure Out Complex Issues.

Proving causation in the face of complicated medical evidence is difficult but juries are often able to work through the issues fairly. A Florida man’s attorneys announced Thursday that a Broward County jury has awarded their client $7.8 million in what they said is one of the largest slip-and-fall verdicts in the state’s history after […]

$8.5M Med Mal Verdict For Death After Routine Knee Surgery

A jury has awarded $8.5 million to the wife and estate of a patient who died after a routine knee-replacement surgery at a private surgical practice based in Glastonbury. In many cases, anesthesia is the culprit in such shocking outcomes but in this case it was the failure to detect and treat a fatal blood […]

When Your Lawyer Walks Into The Courthouse and You’re Going To Jail

Sure, its superficial but there’s a reason things become a meme. In every endeavor, the most effective participants are often the best prepared. That preparation often includes taking care to protect a routine of putting your best professional foot forward – regardless of the situation. Make it real – every time – and expect nothing […]

The Relationship Between Economic and Non-Economic Damages

A Texas medical malpractice case involving a man’s needless paralysis provides a useful example of the relationship between economic and non-economic damages. Attorneys argued the hospital violated numerous internal policies by needlessly delaying a critically needed MRI scan and emergency surgery. The jury found that the hospital was negligent and that the negligence caused the […]

I’ve written here about the pandemic delays in the court system that delay justice. Well, things are starting to change according to Kaiser.

I’ve written here about the pandemic delays caused in the court system that delay justice. Well, things are starting to change according to Kaiser. Like so many medical malpractice lawsuits filed before the Covid-19 pandemic, the case filed by Rojas’ mother, who moved to Dallas to care for her son, was held up as court […]

Jury awards $28.6 million to man who lost legs when hit by Amtrak train

Many times, there are multiple causes and responsible parties to a terrible accident. Trial lawyers are tasked with identifying each of those parties prior to filing suit. At trial, it is the jury’s job to determine what percentage of blame to assign to each party. Trial lawyers can make recommendations in argument, but the decision […]

Obnoxious Lawyers Can Ruin Their Client’s Case

And it wasn’t a real (Plaintiffs) trial lawyer. That was before his lawyer, Robert McKenna III, appeared in an online celebration video, bragging of his work and saying the case involved “a guy that was probably negligently killed, but we kind of made it look like other people did it. Citing McKenna’s remarks, the judge who presided […]

Doctor defends against malpractice claim, says suit wrongfully branded him ‘Dr. Death 2.0’

Every man is entitled to his own evidence. Doctor defends against malpractice claim, says suit wrongfully branded him ‘Dr. Death 2.0’ Read more at: https://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/article264197361.html#storylink=cpy

Large Verdicts: The Most Vulnerable Victims Are Most Affected By Caps and Delays

Not surprisingly, the largest verdicts in medical malpractice cases tend to happen in cases with overwhelming medical costs and needs. When trial lawyers tabulate the real cost of these needs, they often use the word “board”. As in, putting the expenses up on the board. Expert witnesses and life care planners are often involved in […]

Prospective Clients Should Ask (But Generally Don’t) What Experience Their Trial Lawyers Have Proving Punitive Damages

Like most things, you need to know about his or her experience with punitives BEFORE you are in a position to ask for them. Now that compensatory damages have been awarded, the Alex Jones damage trial in Texas moves to its punitive phase. Here’s the link. Jury finds Alex Jones caused $4 million in damages […]