Large Verdicts: The Most Vulnerable Victims Are Most Affected By Caps and Delays

Not surprisingly, the largest verdicts in medical malpractice cases tend to happen in cases with overwhelming medical costs and needs. When trial lawyers tabulate the real cost of these needs, they often use the word “board”. As in, putting the expenses up on the board. Expert witnesses and life care planners are often involved in […]

Prospective Clients Should Ask (But Generally Don’t) What Experience Their Trial Lawyers Have Proving Punitive Damages

Like most things, you need to know about his or her experience with punitives BEFORE you are in a position to ask for them. Now that compensatory damages have been awarded, the Alex Jones damage trial in Texas moves to its punitive phase. Here’s the link. Jury finds Alex Jones caused $4 million in damages […]

Pro Tip For Alex Jones: Be As Prepared As Your Lawyer (or get a better lawyer next time)

Law students across the country used to watch video lectures on evidence by the famous Irving Younger (Harvard). I still remember his hearsay lessons – that made the impossible seem within grasp. The best of the Younger tapes was the series on cross-examination. For a kid who never wanted to be anything but a trial […]

Jury orders Charter to pay $7 billion in technician’s murder of Texas customer

People hate their cable companies. A focus group could have told the defense that before trial. My bet is the defense rode their assumption that the company couldn’t be held responsible for the employee’s criminal conduct all the way to real trouble. It’s a good bet that they misread the jurors all the way through […]

It’s Official: Pandemics Wreck Trial Dates

Civil dockets have been upended for years, as trial courts prioritize their criminal caseload. This leaves civil plaintiffs cases languishing, delaying resolution and upending settlement leverage. Insurance carriers are happy to hold on to the money owed to injured plaintiffs while they struggle to navigate the court system and the pandemic. Choose your lawyer wisely. […]

Why is rehab important?

Rehabilitation is relevant in personal injury litigation in two important ways. First, there are present rehab needs that must be recognized and fulfilled by treating care providers. This requires detailed attention to the physical problem at issue and the patient’s ability to work through those problems. Time and attention are the keys to the treatment […]

A Lesson In How Not to Take a Win (Or a Loss).

Be respectful in wins and losses. You’ll have both if you are a trial lawyer. Spiking the ball and dancing the Griddy in the end zone to celebrate yourself may turn around and bite you. McKenna’s speech was recorded on video and posted to his firm’s social media page, but quickly removed. Nevertheless, it is now in […]