Things That Make You Go “Hmmmm” …

These are rare cases but I’ve brought the claim of tortious interference with a dead body and had to address the same kind of argument. Celebrity Cruises Says Storing Body In Cooler Not Misconduct Celebrity Cruises urged a Florida federal judge on Friday to toss a suit by the family of a man who died […]

Hello, Cleveland!

Passing through on my way to L.A., means I don’t have to go out of my way to avoid the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Except for the ubiquitous marketing everywhere for that mockery of rock music. Don’t get me started on the bands and artists still waiting to get in. #WarrenZevon #JethroTull #Slayer

If You Can, Always Stay On Library Way

As a lifelong and committed nerd with five decades under my belt, I don’t know how I avoided staying on Library Way all this time. The sidewalks speak to you with messages left on pages of your favorite books. In one direction, the New York Public library is filled with American treasures. In the other, […]

Our Dog Was Sick Over The Holiday

And the local vet and I were limited to x-rays and bloodwork which only ruled out the basics. The medicines we chose in the absence of other evidence left the dog lame and unable to get up and about. Specialty services were not available for weeks and required a three-hour drive (each way). We got […]