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Trial Story: Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

“Your Honor, I distinctly heard someone at Mr. Thompson’s table say the word “cheeses”.”

I thought I’d mumbled it under my breath. Apparently not. It was a bench trial and there was no jury so things had gotten a little loose after a day or two of everyone getting comfortable with one another. Maybe too comfortable. My decorum guard was down and the carrier’s attorney had gotten mind-numbingly rote in his approach to the evidence and I confess to becoming a little exasperated.

The judge had to pipe in: “Mr. Thompson: did you say the word ‘cheeses’?”

Me: “No, your Honor. I did not say the word ‘cheeses’.” Which was completely true. I sat for a moment with my head down, dreading the question that obviously came next. It never did. Thankfully.

I was reminded of that episode during the insurance coverage trial for the doctor who killed little Bethany Morris when I saw the news report of this from a widely televised celebrity trial:

Video of Amber Heard’s trial lawyer objecting to his own question in front of the jury