What Is A Jury Trial (No. 3)?

  What most people don’t understand – and most lawyers don’t want to talk about – is that jury selection is more DEselection. Everyone thinks they have no prejudices (they do) and can be fair in every case (they can’t). There’s a famous story about President George Herbert Walker Bush withdrawing as a judge in […]

What Is A Jury Trial (No. 2)?

Cain and Abel, Albrecht Durer. We aren’t ready to talk about Nancy Grace quite yet. To get that right, more background is required. But first, some ancient political philosophy. For all judges, sovereign and subordinate, if they refuse to hear proof, refuse to do justice: for though the sentence be just, yet the Judges that […]

What Is A Jury Trial (No. 1)?

The Jury consequently invests the people … with the direction of society.             Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America   This series is about jury trials. Conflict has been used to resolve disputes for centuries – perhaps as long as time itself. Before trials, opposing sides would meet on a field for a battle or […]