Common Sense

My chosen profession has been under attack (literally) my entire professional life. The year I took the Florida Bar (1987), President George Herbert Walker Bush declared war on “tassled loafed lawyers” as he pushed for tort reform sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and other business and special interest organizations. His son, Jeb Bush, later […]

June 20, 2017

Yesterday marked World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Much of the elder abuse in America happens in assisted living facilities and nursing homes. I am experienced in investigating and litigating these cases. They involve the application of special rules and statutes. Please call if you have questions. World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

The Other Escobar

On this blog, I focus on what most of my clients have in common – the need for serious medical care and the attendant expenses. I often blog about Quality Fraud and share news items about how the cost of healthcare is driven by misrepresentations made in the course of providing care. Unlike other markets, […]