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My Grandfather served in the Navy during World War II. After the War, he worked his way through Georgetown University driving a taxi cab. Later, he became the State Attorney in Wood County, West Virginia and ran the local Credit Union.

My Father, and his brother (My Uncle) served the Country during the Vietnam War. My Uncle went to UNC Chapel Hill on a Morehead Scholarship and then entered the Marines – serving two combat tours in the jungles of Viet Nam. After the war, he practiced law in North Carolina and South Carolina.

My Father was The Mountaineer at West Virginia University and then served in the 82nd Airborne in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. In the late 1960’s at Fort Bragg he was involved in the murder prosecution of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald for the infamous slaying of his family there. After his service, we moved to Florida where my Father became one of the most noted trial lawyers in this State.

I always wanted to be a lawyer. So, during my formative years, I watched these lawyers closely. They shared their experiences with me generously. It was a family tradition.

For a time in my early career, I practiced law with my Father. We worked together on significant cases across the Country – groundbreaking cases with enormous results at stake for our clients, the parties and counsel on the other side and oftentimes our communities (local and nationwide).

These experiences are the bedrock of our values. They are also the foundation for our advocacy and client decision-making. This is not a cookie cutter practice. In some ways, it is an old-line traditional Firm, using the solo practitioner model that has always been a part of the Family Tradition. In other ways, we are new and modern, even “cutting edge” – using state of the art professional technology to meld the best solo practitioner with the power of the internet. The result is excellent client service and results.

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