Not everything bad that happens in a hospital is medical malpractice …

Here’s the story: Miami Bascom Palmer surgical table collapse is an ordinary negligence claim per judge, not subject to medical malpractice rules The test for whether a claim is “medical malpractice” boils down to the use of professional judgment. If the medical or nursing error involves the use or failure to use good professional judgment […]

If You Have My Film on the ‘Lightbox’, Diagnose Me Now – Not Later

Wisdon comes with winters. Oscar Wilde A recently filed West Virginia case presents a common issue in medical malpractice cases. The human and economic costs of injuries pile up when radiology films are not properly read. The purpose of radiology tests like MRI’s is to correlate clinical signs and symptoms to findings on films. Underlying […]

Any Colour You Like

Weeks ago, the frozen ground disappeared under accumulating sheets of ice and snow. Gelid winds are shaking the naked black arms of trees and driving fresh alabaster dust into the world. The sky is low, gray, dense, and threatening. Days like this are made for looping electronic samples and Thom Yorke’s forlorn wail, backed by […]