Claims Bills & Legislative Process

Florida law allows you to collect an excess verdict or judgment against the Government or one of its entities if the legislature passes a claims bill specific to your case.

Business & Commercial Litigation

Where serious financial losses or injury attend wrongful conduct, the Firm specializes in handling of claims ranging from breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, interference and civil theft.

Air Crash

Tragedy caused by aircraft crashes present special and unique challenges for trial lawyers. The language, manufacture, maintenance, documents, machinery and government regulation for large and small aircraft are special.

Medical Malpractice

The phrase ‘medical malpractice’ generally refers to personal injury or harm caused by the breach of a health care provider’s duty to his or her patient.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death cases are governed by statutes in each State. Each State is different in its treatment of these cases.

Serious Automobile Accidents

The most common type of personal injury case requires special attention when serious injuries requiring surgery or leading to death are involved.

Insurance & Bad Faith

In Florida, statutes impose an obligation upon insurance companies to comply with certain defined standards, including the responsibility to handle claims in good faith.

Nursing Home Abuse

The health care of our elderly, particularly our parents, is an issue of growing concern. Advances in medicine continue to prolong life.

Product Liability

Our Firm has extensive experience handling cases against manufacturers of defective products, including planes, cars, tires, roll off dump trucks and hoists, medical devices, drugs and many other dangerous products.


The Firm has a one hundred percent success rate in obtaining favorable rulings in appellate court where we were the only lawyers of record for our client on appeal.

Class Action Lawsuits

The firm is experienced in handling Class Actions involving Data Breaches, Product Liability, Airline Crashes, and any other negligible act leading to harm for many. William DeForest Thompson, Jr. writes about handling a class action which revolves around a data breach: “…patients have to learn to diagnose themselves before they know which specialist to call.” […]