Normal Like You (More Opioid Fallout: Pharmacies Are Next On The List)

“Today, medical science recognizes That some folks aren’t helped by relaxing exercises. In cases of difficult tension, And nervous apprehension, Doctors are now prescribing medicine. It makes those who fear they’re about to quit Feel like they’re ready to begin. Bidding their darkened spirits goodbye For the calming peace of a cloudless sky.” Everclear, Ataraxia […]

Oof. What a day.

While America considers the first black woman to be a Justice on its Supreme Court (First Black Woman Nominated to SCOTUS: Katanji Brown Jackson) we have a crumbling world order in Europe (Bury The World Order, The Atlantic). Time to put on the Chucks and get down to brass tacks. Or play music and dance. […]

US Childbirth Safety Statistics Could (and should) Be Better

Trial lawyers focus heavily, and rightly, on fetal mortality rates. Birth-related injuries, injuries inflicted prior to birth, perinatal injuries and deaths among infants (whether SIDS, crib or otherwise) should be intolerable. What we sometimes lose sight of is the other side of that blessed event – the Mother. And on that score, studies are confirming […]

If The Game Is Rigged, They Rigged It Against You (Protect Yourself)

Florida court trends favor insurance companies against consumers. These trends cut across all manner of insurance and accidents giving rise to claims. The trends highlight the critical need to hire the best trial lawyer you can find to ensure you don’t get taken for a ride. Here is the link: Florida Appeal Courts Side with […]