Jury orders Charter to pay $7 billion in technician’s murder of Texas customer

People hate their cable companies. A focus group could have told the defense that before trial. My bet is the defense rode their assumption that the company couldn’t be held responsible for the employee’s criminal conduct all the way to real trouble. It’s a good bet that they misread the jurors all the way through […]

Stare Decisis and The Problem Of Encouraging Lying

Are we supposed to believe that the Justices who have signed on to the draft opinion shouting that Roe was “always” “egregiously wrong” – since it was decided in 1973 (almost fifty years ago) – were truth-telling during their confirmations when they praised Roe as “important” precedent that they’d never really thought about? If so, […]

Earth Day and Shadow Docket Shenanigans

The story on the case of Louisiana v. American Rivers in the Environmental Law Institute is here: Justice Thomas and Shadow Docket Abuse By nonetheless granting relief, the Court goes astray. It provides a stay pending appeal, and thus signals its view of the merits, even though the applicants have failed to make the irreparable […]

I Only Want To Be With You (Hall v. Wilmington Health)

A North Carolina appellate court recently ruled that civil litigants need counsel physically present when they are deposed. This wholesale ban on personal attendance of Defendant’s counsel at depositions of its own employees and witnesses presented the constitutional issue Defendant asserts in this appeal and was not supported by existing law, emergency orders, or evidence. […]

If The Game Is Rigged, They Rigged It Against You (Protect Yourself)

Florida court trends favor insurance companies against consumers. These trends cut across all manner of insurance and accidents giving rise to claims. The trends highlight the critical need to hire the best trial lawyer you can find to ensure you don’t get taken for a ride. Here is the link: Florida Appeal Courts Side with […]

Florida’s Wrongful Death Law Is Wrong

Florida bars any wrongful death claims for victims of medical malpractice where other families with different types of wrongful death claims are allowed to proceed. I have been fighting against this cruel law for most of my career. While the legislature dithers around with bills proposed to remedy this inequity (powerful insurance and health care […]