Our Constitutional Right to Counsel Protects Individual Rights

The right of every person to counsel and a jury trial protects us from the over-reach of powerful government and private interests. Yahoo News provides an important reminder. American Founders Knew: Right to Counsel Is Fundamental The right to counsel is a core American principle pre-dating the establishment of American jurisprudence. Our founding fathers experienced […]

Young Thug’s song lyrics are being used as evidence in his gang indictment

Not everyone supports allowing prosecutors to use lyrics as evidence. In “Rap on Trial: Race, Lyrics and Guilt in America” by Erik Nielson and Andrea L. Dennis, rapper Killer Mike argues that rap as an art form is a safe space where raw emotions can and should be expressed. “Left unchecked, it has the potential to silence […]

Large Verdicts: The Most Vulnerable Victims Are Most Affected By Caps and Delays

Not surprisingly, the largest verdicts in medical malpractice cases tend to happen in cases with overwhelming medical costs and needs. When trial lawyers tabulate the real cost of these needs, they often use the word “board”. As in, putting the expenses up on the board. Expert witnesses and life care planners are often involved in […]

Leviathan: “… if they refuse to hear proof, refuse to do justice.”

For all judges, sovereign and subordinate, if they refuse to hear proof, refuse to do justice: for though the sentence be just, yet the Judges that condemn without hearing the proofs offered are unjust judges and their presumption is but prejudice…In like manner, in ordinary trials of right, twelve men of the common people are […]

Seventh Son: The 7th Amendment Right to Jury Trial

If America’s founders hadn’t guaranteed the right to a jury trial in our Constitution, we might look like Canada (who inherited the same English common law and history). Early in the jury system, an accused was required to consent to be tried by a jury. However, the choice was illusory. Coercive methods were used including […]

Why Do We Allow States to Limit Some Constitutional Rights More Than Others?

Failure to diagnose breast cancer cases are always difficult and experts struggle to explain the shifting science in the area. The evidentiary standards that must be met are very high. But juries can still be impressed, even in states that highly regulate and limit jury verdicts that should be protected by the 7th Amendment guarantee […]

Dobbs Will Have “Grave Consequences”

According to health care professionals, academics, and Forbes. The American Medical Association wrote in a statement Friday it is “deeply disturbed” by the decision, which it called an “egregious allowance of government intrusion into the medical examination room,” while the California Medical Association said it “undermines decades of progress in health care for pregnant people,” adding it is a […]

An Historian’s Thoughts on The Founders and The Second Amendment

The sentence is weak. The weakness is deliberate. Madison couldn’t afford, on the one hand, to let the amendment seem to contradict the hard-won federal military power in the Constitution’s main body. He couldn’t afford, on the other hand, to underscore too strongly for the states’ comfort the overwhelming nature of that federal power. The […]

Shaky Ground

Another perspective on the coming decision in Dobbs after the #BigLeak. … we will all wake up one day this summer and experience a fundamental right being pulled out from under our feet. We will feel powerless, lied to, vulnerable, and angry at just how fragile our rights can be. New York Review article by […]