Holidays and Stress in the Law Firm

End of year means collecting and tallying hard data about firm operations and accounting, bills, taxes, and taking advantage of insurance carriers’ willingness to resolve cases before the new year. There are ways law firms can contribute to the comfort and peace of the lawyers and staff working during the holidays. His biggest tip for […]

Song For The Walls

A lawyer is more than a mouthpiece. When it feels that nobody will ever hear you – that your grief and pain are shouted in an empty room, falling upon silent and unmoving walls – a good lawyer will break through and force your message to be heard. H/T Eric Amble for the title.

Improper Client Solicitation Is In The News Again

Reward lawyers who do it the right way. Ignore the scammers. “The training manual literally teaches employees how to commit barratry by gaining the trust of vulnerable potential clients to sell them legal services,” the complaint said. Read more at:

My Dad Called It “Champerty & Barratry”

But I don’t think he was right about the technical definition. Most trial lawyers work on contingency fees and front costs. It is a noble endeavor that serves our clients who cannot afford the significant court battles to address serious injuries. What he meant was improper solicitation of clients. This sort of thing made him […]


And we’ll keep on digging ’til the coming of the Lord Gabriel’s trumpet sounds ‘Cause if you ain’t mining for the company, boy There ain’t much in this town Tyler Childers, Coal When my Father was in school at West Virginia University, he made extra cash working mines operated by his family in Uniontown, Pennsylvania. […]

‘Kindness’ Isn’t a Priority in Trial Lawyering and It Should Be

When I was coming up as a trial lawyer, I stayed hyper-focused on maintaining a variety of skills during discovery to get at the truth. My Dad used to say, “You need more than one arrow in your quiver.” More often than not, whether in depositions or hearings, combat was the rule of the day. […]

“(Judge) Smith said he wouldn’t consent to delaying the trial for any reason “up to and including a zombie apocalypse”.

Federal District Court judges wield an awful lot of unappreciated power. I was joking with a colleague about the “tells” they use – a ‘menacing cough’ came up more than once. Early in my career, I hadn’t been able to read a room that well. One judge actually told me to “stop talking” because “you’re […]

Robot Lawyers and Judges?

If they’re working on AI lawyers and AI judges, why not AI juries? #7A Today, an artificial intelligence firm made a curious offer for any lawyer or person with a case coming up at the Supreme Court to allow an AI to feed them lines, promising anyone who goes through with it will receive $1 million in […]