Some Child Left Behind

Five-year-old Abby Muszynski was born with a brain malformation that causes seizures and respiratory failure.  Abby’s family is leaving Florida to get her proper health care. The Muszynskis’ older high school aged children will be left behind. Why are they doing this? Because Florida’s Medicaid program will not pay for Abby’s treatment. This dates […]

Data Breach: A Patients Rights Revolution

“…patients have to learn to diagnose themselves before they know which specialist to call.” The Problem On November 13, 2015, the Federal Bureau of Investigation notified 21st Oncology (based here in Ft. Myers) to that over two million patients’ confidential records and data in 21st Century’s possession and control had been collected and sold by […]

November 16, 2016 Hearings on 21st Century Data Breach Class Action

We represent sixty of the Plaintiffs in the 21st Century Oncology Data Breach class action. 21st Century Oncology is based in Ft. Myers and the class action has been removed to Tampa for handling by Judge Scriven. We attended the hearings with lawyers from around the country and will continue to work with our co-counsel […]

Fulbright v. D’Amico

We invite you to follow the links below to learn more about our publicized dental malpractice case against James D’Amico, DDS by clicking on the names of the articles below: “Convicted Dentist Wrote Steroids Prescriptions” “More Defendants Sentenced in U.S. Illegal Online Pharmacy Case” U.S. D.o.J. Press Release: “Powermedica Defendants Sentenced for Conspiracy to Illegally Distribute […]

Medicare’s Repeal and Other Consumer Penalties

Instead of learning the obvious lessons from the HMO/PPO example (, industry leaders and their lobbyists in the nineties prevailed on the Florida legislature for a different solution – one that took more skin out of the hide of consumers. Industry leaders used an organized public relations campaign to pass “tort reform” and laws limiting […]

Medicare’s Repeal

When the Congress convenes in 2017, the first items on the agenda appear to be repeal of health insurance for 75 million Americans. If Medicare and the Affordable Care Act are repealed, pre-existing conditions would presumably be the law of the land at the same time that tens of millions lose their insurance. Those […]