Don’t Damn Me (Libel versus Invasion of Privacy)

With the never-ending Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard trial ongoing in Virginia, libel is all the rage. It’s a hot tort, what with all the crazy talk and nasty, personal name-calling going on everywhere. If offended, keep in mind the standard of proof you may be required to meet. You don’t want a judge making […]

Judge on a Hot Mic Catches the Wrath of a Trial Lawyer

‘Can you imagine waking up next to her every day?’ said the Judge about Bill Cosby’s criminal defense lawyer, forgetting that he was being livestreamed. Now, that Judge is facing a complaint. Decorum is a real thing and it runs both ways. If you are a trial lawyer, you’ve danced this dance with a judge. […]

June 8, 2018

Advances in spinal surgery “With the advent of better 3D virtual imaging with computer-assisted surgery, I think you will see more surgeries done for complex spine trauma that are more accurate, less invasive and of superior quality. One significant advantage in computer-assisted surgery will be the ability to confirm that the purposed surgery was done […]