Atty’s Deposition Conduct Nets $19K In Sanctions

Lawyers need to effectively manage their emotions when things get heated. In transcripts of various depositions examining the plaintiffs’ four experts, then-Kline & Specter attorney Thomas Bosworth “alternated between being rude, demeaning and obnoxious,” U.S. District Judge Stephanie L. Haines said in her Wednesday opinion, highlighting Bosworth’s use of a “higher-pitched, mocking tone to belittle […]

The Endless Courthouse Drama When Hospitals Are Determined To Hide Their Policies And Procedures

I posted recently about frivolous defenses and appeals raised by defendants, often because their insurance carriers have the resources to waste time and the incentive to hold on to the money that will eventually be paid to satisfy the claim. When we hear about frivolous claims, it is usually from insurance interests complaining that non-meritorious […]

Don’t Be So Easy On Yourself

Trying to sum up our risky business, my Dad used to quote President Nixon: “Failure isn’t falling down. Failure is not getting up after you’ve fallen down.” Jason Isbell put it another way in this song against self-pity. Don’t be so easy on yourself (don’t be so easy on yourself)Don’t be so easy on yourself […]

Does Sovereign Immunity Apply to Your Claim?

In the United States, agencies (state, federal, local, municipal). reserve immunity for themselves but consent to being held accountable by way of statute. Tackling any government’s agency right to sovereign immunity is, like any effort to enforce accountability, a righteous cause. Always. The Georgia Department of Transportation cannot fully escape a lawsuit alleging that it […]

Improper Client Solicitation Is In The News Again

Reward lawyers who do it the right way. Ignore the scammers. “The training manual literally teaches employees how to commit barratry by gaining the trust of vulnerable potential clients to sell them legal services,” the complaint said. Read more at: