Hospital Liability for Independent Contractor: $111M Verdict

Hospitals are typically found responsible for employees like nurses, technicians, and physicians who are directly employed. However, in many jurisdictions, there are remedies that attach liability to the Hospital for other healthcare providers. Developing the factual evidence to pursue extraordinary remedies like this require a lawyer with experience. … a hospital may be held vicariously […]

The Importance Of Fully Litigating Discovery Responses

San Diego County is appealing an $85 million verdict obtained after it with-held discovery from the plaintiff and was sanctioned for it by the judge. Just before trial, lawyers for the family said that the county had acted improperly by not turning over key evidence, including a training video on how to apply restraints that […]

Hospital Medication Errors Can Be Fatal (And Concealed)

The patient was supposed to get Versed, a sedative intended to calm her before being scanned in a large, MRI-like machine. But Vaught accidentally grabbed vecuronium, a powerful paralyzer, which stopped the patient’s breathing and left her brain-dead before the error was discovered. That was in a prestigious Tennessee hospital. The link is here. I had […]

Your B.S. Isn’t ‘Academic Freedom,’ But It’s Killing Academic Freedom

That is the title of an excellent story making the rounds (link below). Academic controversy isn’t new. Nor is political correctness. But the latest round of book burning and hog tying teachers about what can be taught or said in a classroom (Florida’s new “Don’t Say Gay” law is an excellent example) is getting out […]

Engle Fallout

In 2006, the Florida Supreme Court decertified the class action of smokers against the tobacco industry, ruling that cases could be tried individually but laying down certain rules by which those cases would be tried. Engle v. Liggett Group, Inc., 945 S0. 2d 1246 (Fla. 2006). Decertification can happen when the Court determines that the […]