Judge on a Hot Mic Catches the Wrath of a Trial Lawyer

‘Can you imagine waking up next to her every day?’ said the Judge about Bill Cosby’s criminal defense lawyer, forgetting that he was being livestreamed. Now, that Judge is facing a complaint. Decorum is a real thing and it runs both ways. If you are a trial lawyer, you’ve danced this dance with a judge. […]

Communication Breakdown (The Theranos Trial)

Communication breakdown / Its always the same As the federal fraud trial against Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes winds down, her lawyer argued a “fundamental disconnect” in the evidence. The charges revolve around Theranos’ blood testing devices. Holmes is charged with deliberately misleading investors from whom Theranos put together $700 Million in capital regarding the technology’s capability. […]

The Dewey Decimal Classification System: Now I Get It (Forty Years Gone By).

Imagine a building. The building is piled with treasure … floor upon floor of the stuff. Now, at the entrance of the building … Imagine hidden messages typed onto thousands of cards. Clues kept in cabinets … dots, dashes, letters and numbers that appear random but are secretly slave to a pattern you must learn […]