Disinformation: How To Manufacture A “Crisis” & Tort Reform To Solve It

Turns out, politics isn’t the only place where misinformation is used to ply the soil that grows bad ideas. In the 1980’s, health care providers and insurance carriers deliberately and falsely yelled that the sky was falling due to negligence claims and payouts. Their solution? Caps on damages in the most righteous and significant cases. […]

What To Expect When You Come Between The Fortune 500 and Their Bottom Line

Marketing can cover a lot of warts. Meanwhile, in the real world, people behave in line with our experience and the incentives put in front of them, even where it conflicts with what we know to be right and wrong. From the NYT, Mr. Williams said a State Farm claims adjuster told him that she […]

Kaiser Permanante Has It All Wrong

“They insist that you go through an advice nurse as opposed to just calling the doctor directly to set up an appointment, which was what I was trying to do,” Flach said. “You should have the option of calling your own doctor.” Kaiser doesn’t just get between you and your doctor. They also get between […]

If The Game Is Rigged, They Rigged It Against You (Protect Yourself)

Florida court trends favor insurance companies against consumers. These trends cut across all manner of insurance and accidents giving rise to claims. The trends highlight the critical need to hire the best trial lawyer you can find to ensure you don’t get taken for a ride. Here is the link: Florida Appeal Courts Side with […]

Swamp Music

My first year practicing law was the year Florida started limiting the rights of medical malpractice victims. “Tort reform” started in 1988 with Florida’s pre-suit screening rules, making it more difficult to hold hospitals and health care providers responsible for the catastrophic costs of malpractice. Not satisfied with these protections, Florida’s legislature later added changes […]

Sentencing in $250M Radiology Fraud Scheme

If you follow the Department of Justice alerts, you know that the Feds recover hundreds of millions of dollars in waste, fraud, and abuse in our health insurance system every year. Why is this considered acceptable? #QualityFraud Ex-CEO of medical imaging companies sentenced to prison in $250 million fraud scheme

California has had enough of the caps that protect bad doctors.

Opinion: Raise Old Caps On Medical Malpractice “Tort Reform” swept across the country during the ’80s. Pushed by heavy lobbying and promises of lower premiums from the insurance industry, States made it more and more challenging to pursue remedies against health care providers and obtain total and fair compensation. Most of us in the business […]