Robot Lawyers and Judges?

If they’re working on AI lawyers and AI judges, why not AI juries? #7A Today, an artificial intelligence firm made a curious offer for any lawyer or person with a case coming up at the Supreme Court to allow an AI to feed them lines, promising anyone who goes through with it will receive $1 million in […]

I’ve written here about the pandemic delays in the court system that delay justice. Well, things are starting to change according to Kaiser.

I’ve written here about the pandemic delays caused in the court system that delay justice. Well, things are starting to change according to Kaiser. Like so many medical malpractice lawsuits filed before the Covid-19 pandemic, the case filed by Rojas’ mother, who moved to Dallas to care for her son, was held up as court […]

Handoff Miscommunications Cause Serious Medical Malpractice Injury

Here’s a link to the story on the Journal of Hospital Medicine Story: Study: I-PASS Handoff Program Helps Reduce Patient Harm And here’s a link to a video, links to published opinions, and a description of my experience litigating and trying handoff miscommunication and other incidents of medical malpractice. My Medical Malpractice Experience Page

Jury awards $28.6 million to man who lost legs when hit by Amtrak train

Many times, there are multiple causes and responsible parties to a terrible accident. Trial lawyers are tasked with identifying each of those parties prior to filing suit. At trial, it is the jury’s job to determine what percentage of blame to assign to each party. Trial lawyers can make recommendations in argument, but the decision […]

First Amendment Rights and “Journalism” versus Defamation Claims

Media silos that push opinion content as fact aren’t getting much love lately. I wrote about Sarah Palin’s recent and failed attempt to hold the New York Times responsible here. They say that bad facts make bad low, but accountability may be a good thing. Hannity, Carlson, Pirro, & Dobbs get to show their homework […]

Obnoxious Lawyers Can Ruin Their Client’s Case

And it wasn’t a real (Plaintiffs) trial lawyer. That was before his lawyer, Robert McKenna III, appeared in an online celebration video, bragging of his work and saying the case involved “a guy that was probably negligently killed, but we kind of made it look like other people did it. Citing McKenna’s remarks, the judge who presided […]

Large Verdicts: The Most Vulnerable Victims Are Most Affected By Caps and Delays

Not surprisingly, the largest verdicts in medical malpractice cases tend to happen in cases with overwhelming medical costs and needs. When trial lawyers tabulate the real cost of these needs, they often use the word “board”. As in, putting the expenses up on the board. Expert witnesses and life care planners are often involved in […]

Prospective Clients Should Ask (But Generally Don’t) What Experience Their Trial Lawyers Have Proving Punitive Damages

Like most things, you need to know about his or her experience with punitives BEFORE you are in a position to ask for them. Now that compensatory damages have been awarded, the Alex Jones damage trial in Texas moves to its punitive phase. Here’s the link. Jury finds Alex Jones caused $4 million in damages […]

Pro Tip For Alex Jones: Be As Prepared As Your Lawyer (or get a better lawyer next time)

Law students across the country used to watch video lectures on evidence by the famous Irving Younger (Harvard). I still remember his hearsay lessons – that made the impossible seem within grasp. The best of the Younger tapes was the series on cross-examination. For a kid who never wanted to be anything but a trial […]

Jury orders Charter to pay $7 billion in technician’s murder of Texas customer

People hate their cable companies. A focus group could have told the defense that before trial. My bet is the defense rode their assumption that the company couldn’t be held responsible for the employee’s criminal conduct all the way to real trouble. It’s a good bet that they misread the jurors all the way through […]