Moorman v. American Safety Equipment

It’s a mad dog promenade So walk tall Or baby, don’t walk at all Bruce Springsteen My Dad’s favorite latin words were “nunc pro tunc”. It all started after Duane Moorman’s trial. A jury had returned a verdict of $3 million in Duane’s case after the Ford pickup in which he was traveling in rolled over. […]


The fourth in a series about the Senses in litigation. The sense of touch is varied and wondrous. Through touch, we appreciate temperature, texture of surface, shape, hardness or softness, elasticity and even weight. Touch is the one sense used from the beginning to the end of a personal injury case. Investigating cases I’ve sifted through roadway debris, patrolled junk […]

Owens v. Nationwide

The Charles decision from the Supreme Court is not our only important victory in appellate court for consumers. We have successfully pursued appeals in many and varied matters. You can find many of them on our website. In 2004, Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal ruled in our client’s favor in Owens v. Nationwide. You […]

December 13, 2016

Last month, we honored the victims of motor vehicle accidents on November 18, 2016 – the day set aside for Remembrance of Road Traffic Accident Victims around the world. Florida recognizes motor vehicles as “dangerous instrumentalities” and holds vehicle owners (except professional owners like rental car companies, who are given exemption under Federal law) responsible […]