Normal Like You (More Opioid Fallout: Pharmacies Are Next On The List)

“Today, medical science recognizes That some folks aren’t helped by relaxing exercises. In cases of difficult tension, And nervous apprehension, Doctors are now prescribing medicine. It makes those who fear they’re about to quit Feel like they’re ready to begin. Bidding their darkened spirits goodbye For the calming peace of a cloudless sky.” Everclear, Ataraxia […]

The Dewey Decimal Classification System: Now I Get It (Forty Years Gone By).

Imagine a building. The building is piled with treasure … floor upon floor of the stuff. Now, at the entrance of the building … Imagine hidden messages typed onto thousands of cards. Clues kept in cabinets … dots, dashes, letters and numbers that appear random but are secretly slave to a pattern you must learn […]