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Our Dog Was Sick Over The Holiday

And the local vet and I were limited to x-rays and bloodwork which only ruled out the basics. The medicines we chose in the absence of other evidence left the dog lame and unable to get up and about.

Specialty services were not available for weeks and required a three-hour drive (each way). We got that consultation done Monday and the MRI helped us identify a bone infection that can be cleared up with a long course of antibiotics. Along with temporary prednisone, this has Eddy back on his feet. We are expecting a full recovery. He’s 12 and the high cost of all this care will be well worth it. I watched him resting comfortably at my feet this morning for the first time in almost a month and it made me feel tremendously blessed.

Also, it felt good to get out of town … Chuck Taylors and out of my own head for a few hours … and away from work. Contributing to the wellness of someone beloved in your family is a privilege, not a burden.