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Normal Like You (More Opioid Fallout: Pharmacies Are Next On The List)

“Today, medical science recognizes
That some folks aren’t helped by relaxing exercises.
In cases of difficult tension,
And nervous apprehension,
Doctors are now prescribing medicine.
It makes those who fear they’re about to quit
Feel like they’re ready to begin.
Bidding their darkened spirits goodbye
For the calming peace of a cloudless sky.”

Everclear, Ataraxia

Every tragic exploitation in our markets contains layers. Layers upon layers of profit made from “interested parties” who wet their beaks in the trough of cash bled out of the pain and suffering inflicted from labs and board rooms far away from the rural communities they wrecked.

The Opioid Saga Continues: America’s Big Pharmacies Are Under Court Scrutiny This Time

From the periodical, Risk & Insurance