October 22, 2018

BlackBerry’s network operation center will power a blockchain ledger provided by biotech incubator ONEBIO. Blockchain describes a permanent ledger of online transactions or exchanges, which, unlike a traditional database, is shared among a network of users rather than being maintained by one party.

My Blog: Two Years In

Well, you’ll do it your way and I’ll do it my way, And we’ll see who’s the one to survive. You’ll find that with no foundation Or qualifications There’s no way that you can get by, No, there’s no way you can get by. The Kinks, The Hard Way I can remember the first time […]

The Cost Of Quality Fraud

I am starting a series of posts and daily news finds on Data Breach, Quality Fraud and the reasons behind our tremendously expensive health care. Before starting that, I wanted to re-post an article I published a couple of years ago. The Radiology Regional data breach mentioned below was successfully resolved recently. The 21CO data […]