Kaiser Permanante Has It All Wrong

“They insist that you go through an advice nurse as opposed to just calling the doctor directly to set up an appointment, which was what I was trying to do,” Flach said. “You should have the option of calling your own doctor.” Kaiser doesn’t just get between you and your doctor. They also get between […]

Get Back Up

Title IX is great because sport is a life lesson. Every kid should get the benefits of competition. I watched The Players Championship golf tournament over the weekend. Saturday was one of those wicked days on a golf course. Heavy winds whipped the course but unlike an Open links layout, the course is a Pete […]

When Business Disputes Interrupt Your Chemotherapy

Cancer patients are caught in the middle of a fight between the Annapolis hospital and nine oncologists. While hospital representatives say the nine doctors resigned, they argue they wanted to continue practicing there and were fired. The doctors were denied access to practice at the hospital and filed a lawsuit in response. Business disputes in […]

“It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials.”

Bruce Lee said it: strip away the distraction of things you don’t need and you make room for what matters. This principle applies to business and life as well as it does martial arts. This exercise may feel unproductive (it is not) – you can’t distinguish the wheat from the chaff while multitasking or juggling […]

Your B.S. Isn’t ‘Academic Freedom,’ But It’s Killing Academic Freedom

That is the title of an excellent story making the rounds (link below). Academic controversy isn’t new. Nor is political correctness. But the latest round of book burning and hog tying teachers about what can be taught or said in a classroom (Florida’s new “Don’t Say Gay” law is an excellent example) is getting out […]

We Are Responsible To Our Elderly: The Greatest Generation

In the end, we all got COVID-19. We were in the first line of fire. But the ones who bore the brunt of the virus were the residents. On April 20, 2020, when I caught it, 63 of the 180 residents at the home had already died. It was total chaos. We were forbidden from referring […]

Florida’s Senate Turns Its Back on Florida Families (Again)

The House vote gave some hope that this was the year that Florida would recognize the inequities in the Wrongful Death Act that discriminate against victims of medical malpractice. But the special interests appear to have won out yet again – at the expense of Florida families. Florida’s legislature passed the bill that immunized hospitals, […]

Mizrahi May Be Dead In Florida (why that is great for families of medical malpractice victims)

For decades, families of medical malpractice victims in Florida have suffered without a remedy under an unfair law that treats them differently from other grieving families. Florida’s wrongful death act exempts negligent health care providers from righteous claims that would exist if anyone else caused their parent’s death. The pain they experience is no different […]

Physician Liability for #OUD (Arguments in Ruan v. US)

Convicted doctors argued their appeal in the United States Supreme Court the other day. At issue are jury instructions given in their case and the standard imposed by the trial court. For nearly 90 minutes on Tuesday, the court grappled with the question of whether good faith is a defense for doctors criminally prosecuted for […]