Transplant Lists (are broken)

The system for getting donated kidneys, livers and hearts to desperately ill patients relies on out-of-date technology thathas crashed for hours at a time and has never been audited by federal officials for security weaknesses or other serious flaws, according to a confidential government review obtained by The Washington Post. If you ever wondered, yeah, […]

One Doctor’s $355M #QualityFraud: Lap Band Surgeries

Prosecutors say Omidi incentivized employees to make sure patients received sleep studies and then falsified the results to show that patients had obstructive sleep apnea. Here is the story in the LA Times on what started with a billboard campaign across Los Angeles. Former doctor, company behind 1-800-GET-THIN found guilty of fraud

Failure To Follow International Sepsis Protocols as Evidence of Malpractice

In any profession, including medicine, there are rules propounded by varying organizations. Some are local, some are national and some are international. They don’t carry the same weight everywhere. It is important for your lawyer to have access to credible and careful professionals to discern the difference between rules that don’t apply to any given […]

Not everything bad that happens in a hospital is medical malpractice …

Here’s the story: Miami Bascom Palmer surgical table collapse is an ordinary negligence claim per judge, not subject to medical malpractice rules The test for whether a claim is “medical malpractice” boils down to the use of professional judgment. If the medical or nursing error involves the use or failure to use good professional judgment […]

Ouch. Mistakes Happen: Doc Does Vasectomy Instead of Circumcision, Patient Sues.

Mistake: Doc Does Vasectomy Instead of Circumcision, Patient Sues I remember a case when I did defense work where an ophthalmologic surgeon heard his nurse say “two and a quarter turns” of the eyeball when she actually said “two quarter turns” as she read the instructions for a procedure he had never before performed. The […]