Binding (it’s a noun and an adjective)

You packed your bags and all alone you wanna ride You don’t want nothing, don’t need no one by your side You’re walking tough, baby, but you’re walking blind To the ties that bind Glue and cloth, providing a strong cover that holds pages together. A chemical reaction, solidly joining like compounds. A fastener, combining […]

Communication Breakdown (The Theranos Trial)

Communication breakdown / Its always the same As the federal fraud trial against Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes winds down, her lawyer argued a “fundamental disconnect” in the evidence. The charges revolve around Theranos’ blood testing devices. Holmes is charged with deliberately misleading investors from whom Theranos put together $700 Million in capital regarding the technology’s capability. […]

Ouch. Mistakes Happen: Doc Does Vasectomy Instead of Circumcision, Patient Sues.

Mistake: Doc Does Vasectomy Instead of Circumcision, Patient Sues I remember a case when I did defense work where an ophthalmologic surgeon heard his nurse say “two and a quarter turns” of the eyeball when she actually said “two quarter turns” as she read the instructions for a procedure he had never before performed. The […]