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Young Thug’s song lyrics are being used as evidence in his gang indictment

Not everyone supports allowing prosecutors to use lyrics as evidence. In “Rap on Trial: Race, Lyrics and Guilt in America” by Erik Nielson and Andrea L. Dennis, rapper Killer Mike argues that rap as an art form is a safe space where raw emotions can and should be expressed.
“Left unchecked, it has the potential to silence a generation of artists who are exercising their First Amendment right to express themselves,” he wrote. “These are voices we should be encouraging, yet our criminal justice system has consistently looked for ways to punish them.”
Celebrities have rights also. It reminds me of the campaign to silence heavy metal recording artists back when I was young. Late last week, the prosecutors started using tweets from the Defendant’s “official account” (managed by his PR team) even though he has no access to a phone in jail. The tweet at issue alleged Michael Phelps to swim 100 miles. What that has to do with the RICO case is anyone’s guess.
From the CNN story found here.
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