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I Was Afraid This Would Happen

An overlooked aspect of personal injury claims is the stress associated with the litigation, including opening up discovery to the other side and awkward encounters with treaters who are somewhere on the spectrum between skeptical or suspicious and hostile. Especially in serious cases, where the victim constantly in the care of medical professionals.

As I noted a month or so ago, in this post, when Maya’s trial started – these cases are “trying for all involved”.

From the trial of Maya’s case …

Johanna Klink, who was Maya’s bedside nurse in the pediatric intensive care unit, testified that the 10-year-old girl repeatedly cursed at staff and would tell her “I want my effing sedation” during her stay at All Children’s in October 2016, with the nurse using a euphemism for the expletive.

At one point when the two of them were alone in Maya’s room, Klink says Maya told her, “I’m tired of all these lies. My life is a lie.” Klink noted the exact words in Maya’s chart, which was shown to jurors Thursday.

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I spend a lot of time with my clients preparing them for all aspects of litigation. This is time well spent because it reduces the stress my clients experience.