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Law Students Are Learning To Be Trial Lawyers In A “Flight Simulator”

Law students who would traditionally experience only a few courtroom scenarios over a semester have begun working with programs that can provide an entire array of courtroom curveballs, thanks to large language model artificial intelligence technology.

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Based on real-life experiences, I have suggestions for “curveball” fact patterns to throw at these kids. Here’s one for starters:

Say you’re trying a case against your old boss and his client. It is a two-week-long medical malpractice case involving a birth injury and a brain-damaged baby with moderate to severe cerebral palsy. The defense attorney for the hospital – your old boss – is scheduled in another medical malpractice trial at the same time in a different court. In response to his plea for a continuance (to which you object), the Judge indicates she plans to force a trial of your client’s case each morning for four weeks while his other case is tried for four weeks in the afternoon. Go, young people. What do you do?