A Landmark Decision for Patient Safety and Our Role In It

A week ago, the Florida Supreme Court decided Charles v. Baptist, a medical malpractice case filed by my Father in Duval County (Jacksonville). As is often the case, the result is rightfully credited to an army of skilled lawyers – most of them fronting their time and their money on behalf of a relatively powerless […]

Quality Fraud by Omission

More Than Half of Failed Clinical Trials Unpublished   Less than half of failed clinical trials are published in peer review journals, according to a new study. Practically, this may be due to the fact that there are no sponsors or financial stakeholders willing to contribute to a public relations push when their new ‘wonder […]

Socialized Medicine in Lee County, Florida

The Lee Memorial Health System is a Florida Municipal District, authorized by Government Charter to operate hospital services in Lee County, Florida. It is now the only provider of hospital services in Lee County, Florida – owning each and every one of the hospitals currently operating here. In addition, LMHS aggressively pursued the rest of […]

Lee Memorial and Quality Fraud

In the last weekly blog, we learned that medical error is the third leading cause of death: “Metrics For A New ‘Patient Centric Safety Movement’”. Since the IOM and Johns-Hopkins studies referenced there, the news has grown worse: The Washington Post now reports medical errors are the third leading cause of death. Quality Fraud is a […]

Metrics For A New ‘Patient-Centric’ Safety Movement

According to the Institute of Medicine in the 1990’s, an estimated 100,000 people died as a result of medical mistakes every year in the U.S. (a number that has more than doubled, according to a new study by Johns Hopkins University). The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is a Congressionally mandated, non-profit research body. Their initial […]

Quality Fraud Drives Medical Costs

Daraprim was first made available in 1952. It treats toxoplasmosis and cystoisosporiasis, diseases caused by eating undercooked food and other digestive problems – often with no detectable symptoms. Turing Pharma, operated by Martin Shkreli, bought this old drug in August of 2015, immediately jacking up the price of Daraprim from about $13 a pill to […]

Consumer Harms Caused By Technology

  The experts call it “emergent properties”: malware and bugs that attack medical devices through outdated software used by medical offices, clinics and hospitals. Study Finds Medical Device Flaws Go Unfixed. “TrapX staff traced back attacks to compromised PCs associated with radiation oncology systems, PACS (picture archive and communications systems) that serve multiple different radiologic systems.The […]