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Announcement: We Partner with TrySail Litigation Support Services


This blog tracks the challenges posed by changes in law and healthcare, focusing on serious but avoidable harms that can arise. Through our new association with TrySail Litigation Services, we are extending the  services available to clients and guests alike.

TrySail is an e-commerce law store, product site and online litigation support center featuring access to investigations, forms, pamphlets, books, presentations, reports and how-to manuals and instructional / educational materials. It is a boutique online presence assisting consumers and lawyers in need of specialized assistance with investigating, litigating and presenting complex issues of medicine in court and related proceedings.

TrySail will support our guests, clients and potential clients by giving them access to full background searches, expert witness locators, the power of list-servs, pamphlets on filing license complaints or investigations into health care providers and medical products, healthcare news, jury verdict reports, reconstructions, PowerPoint presentations, animations and medical art.

You will have the ability to customize a plan that best suits your questions and needs. It is our hope to democratize and make transparent information that was previously available only to a select few. For those who only need simple forms, free forms will be available – for essentials like living wills, Advanced Directives, and authorizations to obtain medical records. Other forms and the ability to obtain advice about particular forms so that they are crafted to your particular need will also be available. You will also be able to access full investigative reports into medical issues, healthcare providers, institutions and products. Other reports will be made available, including medical art and graphic presentations to assist in making the easiest and most effective presentation of the issues that confront you.

The formal rollout here should be within the next week or two – along with the opening of the new online intake form for clients and potential clients. Please return here for more information as it becomes available.